Rot Is the Nemesis of Wood Windows and Door

Get rid of it with our rot replacement service in Duson, LA

Over time, wooden door and window frames can rot from exposure to rain, snow and other moisture. Rotted areas should be removed and replaced to maintain the integrity of the door or window. It will also make your property look better once the rotted areas are removed. C & D Millwork LLC can perform rot replacement for any customer in the Duson, LA area. You can rely on us to do the job right.

Your windows and doors are a big investment. Avoid a home window replacement by investing in period repairs.

Can you spot the signs of rot?

Can you spot the signs of rot?

At C & D Millwork, our goal is to provide you with outstanding home improvement services without charging a fortune. That's why we perform rot replacement very carefully. First, we'll examine your window and door frames carefully. Signs of rot include:

  • Wood that's soft to the touch
  • A frame that's discolored
  • A frame with large gaps
  • Obvious damage to the frame

Any of these is grounds for rot replacement or possibly home window replacement. Discuss your concerns about your windows and doors with our crew in Duson, LA as soon as possible.